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New reports suggest that the number of purpose-built retirement properties is set to grow considerably by 2022 due to increasing demand with downsizing becoming a more popular option for the older generations.
Although activity on the property market was sluggish at the beginning of 2018, recent reports from the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) indicates a rise in activity in recent months - from both vendors and buyers.
Whether it’s a little country escape, a place by the sea or even somewhere abroad, who wouldn’t love a home away from home?
We’ve all heard about just how great an investment property is, but new research has shed some light on the staggering growth in property prices throughout the UK since the year 2000.
A Joint Mortgage is a common method for groups of buyers who are looking to share the costs of buying a home. Whether you are a couple looking to buy a home, family members, friends or business partners, a joint mortgage can assist you with dividing up the share of the property and spreading out the monthly mortgage repayment.